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Types of Car Insurance

Car Insurance for Women

Statistically women are safer drivers than their male counterparts. The risk that the insurer carry when insuring women is lower and therefore car insurance for women can be offered at a reduced premium. The deduction follows the same logic that dictates why younger drivers are charged higher car insurance rates. Statistically drivers under the age of twenty five are a high risk for insurers.

Young Driver Car Insurance

Motor insurance can be an expensive proposition for young drivers with little or no experience. Read our guide to car insurance for young drivers for tips on how to lower the cost of cover now and in the future.

Classic & Performance Car Insurance

Drivers of classic and performance vehicles can often be stung by high motor insurance costs. Read our guide to classic and performance car insurance for advice on finding appropriate cover and competitive quotes.

Short Term Car Insurance

By Adding someone to your existing car insurance policy, such as a visiter from abroad or relative, can be risky because they could wipe out your no-claims bonus. However, by setting up a short term policy, whether it is monthly car insurance or daily car insurance this would save you money. If you only need cover for a short period of time then it would be advisable to opt for a pay as you drive scheme from Hollard

Sports Car Insurance

Insurance premiums for sports car owners can be high. A number of insurers in SA have now entered this market and the best advice is to make sure that you deal with a specialist when it comes to insuring your high valued sports car. It is better to deal with an insurer with extensive knowledge and expertise on high valued sports car insurance. This specialist, niche market insurance usually also cover executive, antique or classic cars.

Young driver Car

Obtaining well priced car insurance for young drivers has always been a frustrating experience, due to the very high premiums many young drivers are forced to pay.
If you are a younger driver, in your early 20s, or you onlyhave only just passed your driving test, this guide aims to help by providing advice on how to get a good deal on your motor insurance cover.

There are several reasons why younger drivers pay more for their car insurance.
      * Drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident in the first two years after passing their test than at any other time. One in five drivers will have an accident in their first year on the road.

      * Young drivers also experience more theft, fire and vandalism to their vehicles, which leads to claims on their car insurance.

      * Young drivers are more likely to be ferrying around a car full of friends and therefore face a much greater risk of being involved in an accident than someone who just uses their car to nip out to the shops mid-afternoon. Here are some simple tips that can help save money off the cost of your motor insurance policy.

      * Forget about chipped or turbo-charged cars, with , fat tyres, fancy alloy rims and other “bling “extras. For at least two years after passing your test, aim to drive a car that has a small engine, or is in the lowest possible insurance group.

      * If at all possible, avoid being added to a parent’s insurance policy. It prevents you from building up your own no-claims bonus.

Performance & Classic Car Insurance

An increasing number of drivers are buying classic cars today.
Owning an old vintage car is only one part of the equation, however: the other important aspect is that of finding the most competitive classic car insurance.

Generally, although not always, the cost of a cheap classic car insurance policy is less than for a more modern vehicle. This reflects the fact that a vintage car will be better cared for, usually garaged and typically driven for fewer miles every year.

However, premiums can still vary considerably, so here are a few tips to make sure you find the right classic car insurance policy, at the best price. Check whether you will be able to increase the agreed valuation each year. The value of many classic cars increases year on year and it may cost a lot more to replace next year.

Don’t forget the cost of rare embellishers and accessories, which can be expensive to replace.
     * Take out an agreed valuation when insuring your classic car. This is the amount that will be paid should the car be written off or stolen. Make sure that it is guaranteed, as some insurers refuse to pay out otherwise. There may be an extra charge for this and some companies may require an independent valuation.

Consider a “limited mileage” policy on your vehicle. In which you can decide on the amount of kms you expect to drive over the year.

Performance Car Insurance

If you own a high performance car, you are likely to pay more for your insurance than with a standard car.
Statistically, high performance cars are more likely to be involved in accidents and cost more to repair, especially if driven by younger owners. Insurers argue that some modifications, for example lowered suspensions, can negatively affect handling.

Cheaper Car Insurance For High Performance Vehicles There are ways to cut your high performance car insurance bill - if you are careful.

Here are a few useful ideas.
      * Consider waiting until you are older maybe until you are at least 30 years old. Premiums will reduce both as a result of your age and also ,hopefully, that you will have earned some no-claims history.

      * Go to a specialist insurer who will have knowledge of your type of vehicle and suitable claims experience.

      * Take an advanced driving course.

Multi-Car Insurance.

Do you have more than one car in your household?
Multi-car insurance allows you to insure more than one car with a single policy. With some Insurers you may be able to insure as many as five vehicles as long as all of the vehicles are registered to the same address. This means that you could potentially insure cars on the same policy for you, your spouse, your children, or even a friend, as long as you live in the same household.

Modified Car Insurance.

Making modifications to your vehicle can result in higher insurance costs.
Modifying a car presents more risk to a car insurance company than a sports car or an imported car because the modifications made may be unorthodox and a potential hazard. Peripheral changes such as the addition of alloy wheels may go unpunished by insurers, but even these small alterations could be viewed as making your car more desirable to thieves and enhancing your claim risk.

Business Car Insurance

If you use your car for business purposes it is important to ensure you have the correct level of insurance. You must inform your insurer that you specifically use Read our guide to business car insurance for tips on finding a policy that provides all the features and protection you need.


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