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5 Top Tips on how to Save on Car Insurance

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Do not drive and use your car for Business trips

Insure your car for private purposes only. If you insure your car for business you this will result in higher monthly premiums.  Let  the Insurer know that you might use your car for occasional business trips and the Insurer should give you a reduced monthly premium.

Increase your Excess

If you increase the excess amount on your car, most insurance companies will give you a further discount. However you must bear in mind the affordability when it comes round to paying the excess when you have to make a claim.

Overnight Parking

If you park your vehicle on the road it is obviously at a much higher risk of being stolen than one parked in a locked garage. Certain insurance companies will give you discounts on your insurance if your car is parked in a garage or behind locked gates at night.

Upgrade Security Measures

Always aim to have as much security installed on your vehicle . Ensure that  an anti-hijack device is installed coupled with a gear lock  and most the most important option is a tracking device for your car.  If your level of security is higher than the requirement of the insurance company, you will be guaranteed to gain a further discount on your car insurance

Nominate Drivers

Fewer people nominated to drive your car will reduce your monthly car insurance premiums


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