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Car Insurance Guide

All you need to know to find the best car insurance policy for your motoring needs. Read our car insurance guide for an all-round look at how car insurance works, the factors that affect your premium and tips for securing a lower quote .

Car Insurance Policy Types

Which level of cover is right for you; comprehensive , third party fire & theft or third party only. Read our guide to car insurance policy types to learn more about the motor insurance options available to you before comparing prices.

Comprehensive insurance

This type of Car insurance, provides you with protection against all the possible risks (in insurance called perils.) Risks included are accident damage, damage to third parties cars and claims from third parties. It also includes cover against theft and hijacking, hail damage and fire. Mechanical breakdown is not covered by car insurance policies. Most comprehensive car insurance policies will include additional benefits such as towing, medical assistance and roadside assistance.

Third Party Fire & Theft

With this type of car insurance policy you will be covered should your car be stolen or hijacked, it also provides cover against fire damage and against claims from third parties should you be involved in an accident. This policy provides no cover for your own damage in case of an accident, you therefore carry your own insurance against accident risk.

This cover is much cheaper than comprehensive insurance and if you drive a rather old car you may wish to consider this as an option. With any claim you will pay an excess; that is the first amount payable by yourself, before the insurance company pays out the rest. If you weigh up your options you may decide that it is not worth your while taking out comprehensive insurance. You can even exclude the fire cover and save more on your premium. Most people may not realize this—car insurance packages are not cast in stone, you can customize your insurance to a large extent, discuss this with your insurance company or broker.

Third Party only

Third Party only will be your cheapest option as it provides only third party cover. This is car insurance you cannot and must not do without. Although the Road Accident Fund covers car accident victims in the event of an accident caused by someone who is not insured, it does not cover the actual cars involved in the accident. So, no matter how old your car may be, if you drive into an imported Audi and you don’t have third party cover, you will be personally held liable to pay for the damages to the other car.

Your No Claims Discount

This is a bonus that you receive as a percentage discount on your premium after a year with no claims. It is also referred to as claim free group.
Normally If you do make a claim, you will lose your no claim bonus and your therefore your insurance premium increases. This price increase will happen when you renewal your policy,


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